Life and Times of…

Life and times of Evie… As the owner of her own website to help animals, you would think thatshe is a saint and a perfect angel. Well, truthis,she can be quite a handful! Whenshe was pulled out of the shelter the day she was going to be killed she was emaciated, pregnant and really sick. All 4 The Animals in Woodbridge, VA helped her and then I was going to foster her, I had just left a 17 year relationship, my animals and pretty much everything I had built in life and was not sure I was ready, but knew I couldn’t live without a dog. The day I took her home she was such a good girl. She sat in the bath while I cleaned her and slept with me. It took almost a year for her to become physically healthy and about a year after that to show her real personality. Her nickname is “bad girl” for a reason. She is sometimes terrible with other dogs smaller than her, or weaker.She will run off in a minute if something strikes her fancy andshe could care less about getting in trouble. She wakes me up in the middle of the night to eat more food and will sit on me until I get up. She will roll in anything she can, as long as itis REALLY smelly…She is trouble, but she is my girl. I have rescued many animals but she is the first dog I have ever had that loves ME as her mom and it is a special thing. And there is no rule that only good dogs can care and try to make a difference, is there!:)

Speaking of that, better go and take her for a walk…


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