Posted by: EvieAlo | February 2, 2012



Well, I just came back inside from sitting with Momma as I have the last few nights after work. She is now letting me pet her under her chin and all over without signs of biting, although I am still cautious. Unfortunately, the Clavamox is not working as well as I would have liked. Although, she is a little better for now. Once again, I had to explain to my neighbor that her fat belly is not because she is happy and fat, it is because she is unhealthy, has worms and God knows what. She was freaked out and asked me if Momma needd to be put down because of the worms….

Also, had to take a few minutes to explain that not all Pitties are bad after she commented about that they all need to move out of this neighborhood and that they are mean. Reminds me of my many years in the veterinary exmination room trying to educate the clients.

Anyawy, Momma is outside eating the rest of her third bowl of food. The only way I feel okay walking away from her is when she is eating.


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