Posted by: EvieAlo | January 29, 2012


1/29/12 – Today was a good day for me and Momma. She showed up around 11am and since I have been home on and off all day, I have taken the time to go out and sit with her for a while. She is still out there right now, sitting in the sun. Sneezing and looking physically miserable, but purring. She has let me pet her everywhere, rubbed against my leg and let me clean her face a little. I am afraid I may have to do something about the mass of dirt and food plastered onto some of her whiskers as she will not allow me to do what I need to get it off. Will see… Took a few photos and will see if I can post them this time:)

1/30/12 – Well, the neighbors think I am crazy, but things are going well. She waited for me all day again, which makes me feel horrible. But, I sat with her for a while when I got home and fed her a whole can and her meds. The other cats are not thrilled with the attention she is getting, but such is life. Now, if I can just get my neighbors, even the animal-friendly ones, to stop saying I am spoiling her. Guess I should know by now to expect ingorance, but I still felt the need to explain so they understood.


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